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We lend to trading businesses for any purpose.

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Unlike many lenders, we are able to lend to trading businesses. We require security of property and directors’ PG; beyond this we can consider business loans for any purpose. Term is typically 3-18 months.

Your business may have short term cash needs. You may be looking to acquire a business, have gained a new contract needing capital fast, or have working capital needs in the short term. 
We offer loans, at competitive rates, generally for up to 18 months. We are not restricted to this timescale and can be flexible for the right project. 
We can underwrite and offer terms within 24 hours. We can pay-out within days. 
We lend our own money, offer terms on a deal by deal basis and you can be assured of dealing directly with an underwriter. 
We require property as security, or additional security for the loan. This may be first or second charge and can include personal property. 
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